Where is Spring?

I love winter, I really do but I am ready for it to be spring!  I think the extreme cold in Beijing and Changsha and then the spring like weather in Guangzhou made me more than ready for the next season.  However, the past couple of days mother nature has other things in mind.  It has gotten bitterly cold.

I had intended to stay in today but I have been putting something off and I finally got the courage to do it.  I called a local lab about getting Chloe's stool samples tested.  Yes, you read that right, poop.  I happen to hate poop but apparently living in an institution for the first few months of her life means she is at risk for parasites, YUCK!  I am a microbiologist but parasites kinda freak me out.  I don't think she has them but better to be safe than spreading intestinal bugs around the whole family.  I mean I don't mind sharing but I draw the line there.

So all that to say we (Chloe and I) ventured out in the frigid weather to get poop containers.  Did I mention how they want me to get them?!?!  No...well count yourself lucky and you might not want to visit for a few days it is going to be messy and gross around here.

I bundled Chloe up in her puffy coat, I actually thought she was never really going to wear it, however mother nature had better plans.  And actually I'm more fond of it on the hanger than on the baby, it is cute but the sleeves are really long and it is a bit too puffy. Yes I said too puffy, I kind of felt like we would fit right in if we were back in China.  She can't stand up in the coat apparently it is heavy in the back :). It does keep her warm though.

After our apparently exhausting trip to the poop lab, I found this in the back seat.  She pulled her hat down over her eyes and took a nap.  I had to add the hat since she kept tossing the hood off and with her recent ear infection I wanted that little head covered.

I thought I would be clever and take of the giant coat and put her in her crib to finish her nap, and this is what I got for thinking. Yes, she has half of her shirt off and is looking out of the window at the guys working on the house next door.

She was quite pleased with herself and tonight the crib was moved away from the window.


Alyson and Ford said…
She's adorable in the photos! What a cutie!! (no comment on the poop!)

Alyzabeth's Mommy
What a cute coat~ Love the photos.Aislinn's crib is by the window too, might have to rethink that. Good luck with getting the sample.
Too cute, but we need SPRING!
Myra said…
my biggest appologies about poop samples...I getcha completely!!! SOOO sorry, hold your breath or mouth breath only if necessary!! :)

You WILL be able to get out of the house, I don't know how, but you will... good luck, I went back this week :(
jade said…
You are a very brave woman, but she is so very worth it! What a lovely smile you captured, but how did she manage to get her shirt off? Good luck with the cold and I'm crossing my fingers for (or rather against) any yucky parasites!

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