Sunday Snapshot : The Shower, ok one of them :)

My Sisters and Mom threw a shower for Chloe yesterday.  It was a lot of fun.  They made a diaper cake that turned out really cute! 

Jim brought over "precious" (his camera) but he was not too happy to be in the...what did he call it...sea of estrogen? or something like that :)

There was lots of cousin time.  Although Chloe does not look like she likes it she LOVED E, anyone with long hair has Chloe at hello :)

Leah looking so sweet!

Even the littlest guests had fun!

The best gift by Chloe standards was a pink boa from Gramma L.
The best gift by mommy standards!  A giant baby gait/yard from Gramma A!!
And since Chloe had to have something on her heard so did Mommy.

I am sorry this is basically pictures with captions but I am exhausted and tomorrow is my first day back to work in over 2 months.  I am ok with going back but I have a feeling the new routine is going to kick my butt for a couple weeks.  So if you don't hear from me you know why :) 

Ni Hao Yall
(oh and this is my first week of participating in Sunday Snapshots, hopefully I can make it a habit)


Grandma L rocks...cute boa!!

Another cute knot dress!!!

Back to work and time change...rough combo!!
Kayce said…
Fun shower and that diaper cake is ADORABLE!!!
Aunt Karen said…
What an honor to meet Miss Chloe, she is so sweet!!! It was fun seeing Chloe and Leah together. I'm sure one day they will be best friends. Molly and Emily did an excellent job with the shower it was perfect! It was also an honor to see Miss Leah I hadn't seen her since she was a small baby. Both girls are sooo cute!!!!

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