Pause the Blogging...

while I attempt to get over the common cold for the 3rd time this year.  Here are a couple pictures of how I feel.

Chloe getting her hair dried after her bath tonight.

Ready for bed singing with Mommy, Chloe does not mind that I can't hit the notes to Twinkle Twinkle.

This was from a couple nights ago, having fun with Daddy!


Jimh. said…
We have the cutest daughter ever!
Diana wants to know if you are supposed to blow dry a baby's hair?

Eric wants to know if she's texting or is that a squeaky shoe?
Cora said…
It is on low with warm not hot air and i figure it is better that going to bed with wet hair and no one told me not to :)
Squeaky shoe but she would totally text if I would let her :)
Kelly said…
So cute!!
jade said…
She has lovely hair and the haircut looks so professional in the blow dry picture! I think it is a great idea to blow dry it, it looks like she's got a lot of hair and indeed sleeping on wet hair makes it split at the ends (according to the hairdresser who told my dad to dry my hair before bed when I was around - euh 9?). Cora, I hope you are feeling a bit better in the meantime - colds should not be allowed to visit more than once a year. Good thing you have two clowns in your house to cheer you up now and then!
Aunt Karen said…
Love the video, soooo cute!!! It also shows how tiny Chloe is. Cora feel better SOON!
Sammons said…
Can't tell you how awesome it is to finally see you guys getting to be a mama and dada!!!! It is so BEAUTIFUL!!! The night time wake ups really do get better. Lexi did it for almost 3 months and now she sleeps 12-13 hours straight every night!! Chloe is so precious, Congratulations!!!
jade said…
I forgot to say I love the picture of you bed time singing: it shows how much Chloe is enjoying it!
Anonymous said…
I'm with Jade,like that picture of you holding her before you put her to bed, she loves you guys so much it just shows in her face,and I like the movie with Jim and Chloe they were having so much fun. Hope you get well soon those colds can hang on for so long.
Aunt Carol
Alyson and Ford said…
Hope you are feeling better! You need to post more pictures of Chloe!

She's so cute.... and yes, we blow dry AA's hair.

Alyzabeth's Mommy
That Chloe is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
That daddy is a STINKER! :)
(too funny)

I hope you feel better soon!

Love and blessings,
Amy said…
Cora, I am so hoping that you get to feeling much better very soon...and I am SO LOVING these pictures of you guys with Chloe!

They are all adorable, but the one of you and Chloe during your bedtime singing is particularly heartmelting. She is so precious and you and Jim look to be over the moon...a beautiful sight to see!


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