Oh Dear!

How many times can a one and a half year old wake up and cry during a 10 hour period?  What you don't know?  Neither do I because I stopped counting a about 15.

I never knew what tired was before I became a parent.  I used to hate when parents would say things like "you can't understand unless you are a parent" mainly because at the time I would have done anything to be able to understand and yet couldn't.  But they were right, ugg, I hate to admit that.  Have I been this tired before?  Yes, however I was always able to catch up the next few nights, not so with being a parent.  It is one sleepless night after another.

We were spoiled our first month home, she would sleep through the night without a peep, not so much anymore.  I am hoping that someday soon she will go back to that blissful state of a wonderful sleeper but for now we just live our lives in zombie mode.  She goes to bed great but just needs a little extra love several times a night and maybe a bottle or a diaper change once a night.

I am not really complaining (ok, I am a little) but this is a journal of sorts of life in our No Ordinary Family and sleeplessness is what we are living right now.   We are also living Teething!!!  I think she is getting all of her teeth at once, is that even possible?  Well not really but she has 6 front teeth and she is getting at least 2 molars and I think a couple more on the bottom.  That has got to hurt, I am so glad I don't remember teething.  I think our house is covered in drool, it is like having a boxer or a bulldog.  I have been bit at least 47 times this weekend, not on purpose but what do you expect when you stick your finger in a teething toddlers mouth.  Baby Orajel seems to help for a little while, it has been added to the list of miracle products I am compiling.

After all that and 3 cups of coffee, I might be ready to start this week.  I will leave you with a couple pic's from our weekend.  Yes some of them are on Jim's blog but I took them and they were too cute not to post twice.     

Chloe thinks this is hilarious!

See no babies were hurt in the making of this blog material :)

Attempting to model some hair clippies I made during nap time.  I don't think she was very impressed.

I am trying to teach Chloe to eat steak like all American babies, do ya think it is working?

Have a great week everyone! 


Jimh. said…
love that last photo! She looks matter of fact about her dining choice.
GGHadden said…
Oh no, this little wonder baby is now up so many times a night.....Chloe you are scaring Mia's mommy to be :) Sleep little girl sleep.
Maybe bump up to Expresso beans Cora....coffee might not be enough kick for ya.
Charissa said…
Ooh!! I see an outfit that looks familiar!!

She is too adorable, Jim too. Sorry about the sleep thing. It will get better, just don't count on it soon then you wont be disappointed.

Course when she does, then you will avoid people with colds like the plague cause you know it will probably lead to more sleepless nights.

At least at work you can tape your eyelids open and pretend to be awake.
One of the things that helped my little one get through the teething was the Gripe Water and Orajel combo. (Gripe Water is sold at Walgreens in the baby section, and it's an all natural way to help soothe upset tummies.)

Oh, and every new parent should buy stock in 5 hour energy. I still keep an emergency stash.
Melissa said…
teething tablets are the bomb. they take the edge off and last longer than orajel. combine the two and things are even better. of course this is experience from my nephew. didn't have to do the whole teething thing with G.
Wendy said…
So sorry! Sleepless nights suck. Catherine used to sleep great and for some reason, when she hit two, her sleeping went down the drain. It's hit or miss.

Sometimes the only thing that works for me, is letting her sleep in bed with me. She is a difficult one to sleep with but I do get more sleep those nights than on the nights I have to get up many times.

Good luck!
SpunkyBookworm said…
I hope it's just the teething that's keeping her up! I know she has all the love in the world. Did Jim get a haircut over the weekend? I'm seeing 2 different hairstyles. LOL!!
jade said…
You're doing so great - steak training and all... Yes, the sleepless nights are horrible, and that many times a night: the teeth must be hurting real bad! And she's also adapting to her new rhythm no? Lucky she's such a beautiful baby, enjoying every minute awake (at least those you're showing on your blogs!) - am really happy for you (and also a bit sorry that you have to go through the rough nights)

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