All Done!

The procedure on Chloe's eyes went well and very quick.  We love Dr. Taylor, he helped us when Jim had his detached retina and is a wonderful eye doctor.  It is so good to have a doctor that you feel comfortable with when you send your little one away in a nurse's arms.  
Every one was so friendly and great with Chloe and of course she charmed them all.  The whole procedure was over in about an hour, including recovery.
Chloe was not happy with it when she started waking up.  She was very sad and angry with the way she was feeling.  Once the IV was out we started to see our charming girl again.  She was very happy to say "Ga Guy" (Good Bye) to all the staff.  She even blew then kisses on the way out.  She seemed pretty sleepy on the way home but no nap.  When we got in the house she wanted to walk and play but she was a little off balance, it was a funny even Chloe was laughing at herself.  But now she is fine eating some toast in her high chair.  

We plan on taking it very slow today.  I am really looking forward to taking a nap with Little Miss Chloe.


GGHadden said…
awwwwwwwwww, sweetness. Glad she is home recovering now. Mommy and chloe definately deserve a nap.
Lorrene said…
The IV in her little arm must have been awful for her. I even hate those things.
Good luck with the nap.
ashley said…
sweet, sweet baby. So glad all went well.
Kelly said…
So glad it went well!
Kim said…
Glad everything went well..
Love her little blankie..
Auntie Kim Loves you to the moon and back Chloe..
Sounds like she handled it like a champ! Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Glad it went well - Chloe is so beautiful! Hope the recovery is quick, Cathy
denise said…
I'm so glad everything went smoothly. Personally, I think these are some of the hardest parenting days. No fun. Chloe sounds like such a brave little girl!
bejewell said…
I had this exact same surgery when I was about Chloe's age... and I turned out fine. Well, mostly. I mean, okay, I'm kind of a mess. But I don't think that had anything to do with the surgery. :-)

Glad she's okay! That photo of you holding her is precious!
Jen said…
So glad it went well. Love the last picture of her in the car. She looks so comfy!

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