Almost Wordless Wednesday - Hi

Chloe picked up Jim's mouse, held it to her ear and said "hi"  She is so stinkin' cute!  We have had an explosion of new words in the last couple days.  So far we have heard, yellow, night night, papa, all done and I am sure there are a few I don't remember.  She is amazing, just to think what she was doing just 3 months ago.


Jimh. said…
She is AWESOME!!
Anonymous said…
It is amazing at how fast she is learning and it's hard to believe it has been 3 months already !!!
lov Aunt Carol
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, she is so blasted cute and I love those shoes !!!
Love you alway's
Aunt Carol Again
Michelle said…
She is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charissa said…
Poor dad, no mouse/cell phone for you.
Lorrene said…
It's time to get that girl a cell phone. She knows how to talk and now she needs a phone.
Thank goodness for the computer age. I think everybody enjoys these updates on her progress as much as I do.
denise said…
Very cute. I noticed her shoes too and I love 'em :)

I also really like the new blog design.
Kim said…
Sounds like you are going to have a talker really soon..
M3 said…

(I laughed when I pulled up your blog -- I did a Nearly Wordless Wednesday post, almost forgot to post today, but hey it counts as a post, whew)
Catherine said…
Way to go Chloe! Isn't it fun and absolutely amazing when we are priviledged to be there for the language explosion? SO fun!! And entertaining! :o)

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