Do You Ever Just Stop and Say, Seriously?

Because I do and I did this morning.  Why is it that when something goes wrong it sets off a totally random chain of events that you can't control while you are on the phone?

So it goes like this.  I was planning on being late to work this morning because Chloe had a pre-op appointment she is having a minor procedure at the end of the month (more on that later).  I got a call yesterday saying that they didn't need blood so they could just do a conference call.  YEA!! I was not looking forward to the blood draw so that was great. The call was at 8:30, which is about the time I get to work so I decided to still go in a little late and just take the call at home.  So as we are enjoying our leisurely morning, the chain of random events starts.

  • I hear Gypsy knock over the baby gate thus preventing the dogs from exiting out the dog door. 
  • I smell a poopy diaper. 
  • I change the poopy diaper.
  • I redress the daughter and take her to the living room
  • I set her down and notice what I think is a small leaf on the carpet
  • It is not a is a small piece of dog doo
  • Chloe steps on the "not a leaf" 
  • It starts tracking across the living room carpet
  • The phone rings.
  • Toby starts barking because he can not get outside
  • Chloe starts crying because dog is barking and I am trying to keep her away from "not a leaf"
  • So I answer the phone and the person probably thinks she has call a mad house.
I managed to get Chloe in the highchair, the dog kicked outside and answer questions about Chloe with out a melt down.  Thank goodness I can multi-task and I clean "not a leaf" off of my girl's shoe, kept her busy with yogurt while completing her appointment.  Although, I was a bit distracted and when the gal asked if Chloe was a full term baby I answered, I didn't know, with no follow up.  The phone got a little quiet and she said slowly "Oh kay"  Then I realized that this person would have no idea that my daughter was adopted and that what I said made me sound a little crazy, so I explained that she was adopted from China and that she had only been with us a few months.  I think that turned me from crazy mom to just scatterbrained mom or at least I hope.  

I got off the phone attempted to clean up the "not a leaf" but how come when you really need it the Resolve carpet cleaning stuff runs out?   Seriously!

We just left for Nana's I needed to get out of that house before something else happened. Next time I have a phone appointment I am taking Chloe to Nana's first and the dogs are going to be locked outside.

 Post #6 in Do They Have Salsa in China?'s Spring Fling.  30 posts in 30 days!  Only 24 posts to go.  Check out the other spring fling posts linked on M3's blog.


Lorrene said…
I've had that "not a leaf" on my carpet before. I miss my dog, but I don't miss the "not a leaf".

I love that pretty dress Chloe has on. She really looks pretty in that color.
SpunkyBookworm said…
Like my dad would say--You done good, kid!

Michelle said…
Haha.......I have had days like that. Posting every day is hard for me!
Jimh. said…
I can just see the lady's expression and hear her thoughts: "This "MOTHER" can't remember how long she carried the kid???? I gotta go back to college!"
Oh my, sounds like a day in my life:)

She is so BEAUTIFUL!! I love seeing her smiling face..... You can see how much she has changed since you first met her in China. It is really amazing, isn't it?



Kelly said…
LOVE that color on Miss Chloe!!
Welcome to motherhood my friend! :)

What IS the deal about taking a phone call?? Everything can be quiet and all I have to do is get on the phone and every living creature in the house goes crazy on me!

Still...look at that adorable Chloe!

Have a blessed weekend!
jade said…
If I ever have a dog, he'll get to wear diapers too... and I don't even have carpet in my house! You are such a great woman: 3 months of motherhood, very well organized, and only saying "seriously" now and then - I'm sure the woman on the phone was impressed when you explained, if not, she should have been! (even if other do as well as you, you're still impressing!)

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