Egg Salad!

We decided today would be the egg coloring day!  So I came home from shopping put Chloe to bed for a nap and boiled some eggs.  A couple of eggs broke and so I thought I would try making egg salad, I don't eat eggs so this was a new thing to me.  I had to google how to boil an egg (not even kidding) but I can apparently make a mean egg salad, according to a 19 month old! She ate a 1/2 of egg salad sandwich!!  I was shocked, she even left her plate on the tray and her cup!  She just pretty much watched us color eggs there was not much participating but that was OK.

 We tired to get pictures in her CUTE Dress and new squeaky shoes but apparently toddlers her age do not pose, who knew?

The Easter bunny came by a little early and to make Chloe Happy he stuffed the eggs with Gerber Graduates!  Love that bunny!

Hope every one has a Happy Easter! 


Hoppy Easter! Dori would be very jealous of she saw Chloe's Easter basket. She really wants Tangled.
Lorrene said…
She looks so cute in her new dress and shoes. A very pretty little girl.
shelley said…
she is so pretty. my favorite is the second picture. it looks like she is posing.
Kim said…
toooo CUTE..
Love that cherry sweater.. you need to save that one for Isabella...
HOW FUN.. can't wait for all this again..
nicole said…
oooo! i love her dress with the cherries. we have the pants and they are getting small. adorable. followed you to china and back :-)

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