Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am Horrible...

At this daily blogging thing.  I have tons of stuff to write and I just can't do it.  Luckily my darling daughter provides us with endless entertainment. She was having a slightly off day and climbed up in daddy's chair to read a couple books.  She pulled the blanket on herself.

Pure sweetness!


Anonymous said...

Ican honestly tell you I can feel the love you all have for each other and your little girl can feel it to. she is pure sweetness. your doing a great job. Tuning in to your blog makes my day.
goldie locks

Amy said...

Cora, I am getting caught up on your last few posts and have been just feasting on all of the SWEETNESS! Goodness, Chloe is just SO aw AWW she looks so beautiful in her Easter dress. That is one very happy baby girl you and Jim have. Chloe has so BLOSSOMED where she has been planted and come to think of it, you and Jim look pretty darn happy with the planting, too! I will never get enough of opening up your blog and seeing photogrpahs of YOUR DAUGHTER! Thank you, God, for dreams come true!!! Much Love and (((Big Hugs))), Amy


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