Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let the Weekend Begin!

We are hoping for some fun in the sun!

Some milk in our cozy coupe! (I think it is a little early to worry about drinking and driving, so we're safe for now)

Some cute Easter Clothes.

And the cutest bunny bum ever!

Come on back tomorrow for egg hunt pictures. We are looking forward to a lot of fun this weekend.


Kim said...

sooo much fun..
Can't wait..
Happy Birthday my friend a few hours early..
love ya

MANDY said...

I feel so blessed to be given a glimpse into the life of Little Miss Chloe.....Although I have never even met Cora and Jim in person, I feel as if I know them....Thank you Jim for commenting about Oprah on Kathy Shaffer's status, and thank you Kathy for knowing's been a blessing to know your family and I look forward to viewing all that is to come.....Y'all are Amazing People and thank you for sharing so much!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her Easter out fit ,the Bunny on butt it soooo cute ,but I think the sun glass of her is the cuteness, she is looking so much older and makes you think maybe she a star,Oh Yes, she is!!!!
Aunt Carol


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