The Mom Camera

This was a typical scene at the zoo :)

We have a few yellow tulips and Chloe can say yellow so for now I am assuming it is her favorite color. 

 She decided that her rice from dinner belonged on her head!  Did I mention this girl is a comic genius?

I thought I would post a few pictures from my camera.  In this family, Jim is the photographer and I am fine with that but once in a while I pull out the old cannon for some snapshots.  I think this summer I might have Jim teach me a bit more about the Nikon but for now I like my little point and shoot.


Lorrene said…
Well she is Asian and Asian's like rice, but on top of the head?

The first color that makes an impression on you will be your favorite. That is something I made up, but I'll bet it's true.
Great pics! Look like a fun trip!

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