Since we are home with Miss Chloe, I thought it was time for a new cheerier look.  But since we are home with Chloe I didn't have the time to do it myself.  Luckily I know a great blog designer! Thanks Diana I LOVE it.  Check out Custom Blog Designs to see the other great work Diana has done.

Custom Blog Designs

I am really excited about my new look, I think it fits our current life with a bright and cheery little girl who is absolutely loving life!  I was home late today since I was at a doctors appointment (yep, still fighting a cough) so Jim took Chloe on a walk in front of the house.  I came home to see this walking on our sidewalk, it was awesome.

OH and the word of the day is "UP"  that brings Chloe's vocab up to about 7 words that are understandable.  The others include more, dada, mama, nana, hi (she said this to me on the phone today!), possibly wawa (water) and she can sign please very clearly.


Kim said…
LOVE the new look.. And LOVE you guys..
You know I am a super fan of Diana..
I am thinking I need to do new photos.. or a new look..
Love ya..
It will be 4 years in a few weeks..
Myra said…
love the new blog....and how big and sweet is Chloe? Love the park video's!!
Kelly said…
WOW! I love the new look! If I ever start a blog, I may have to hire Diana!!!

I'm so happy for you guys...
Thanks for the compliments everyone! I love the kit that Cora chose.

Little Miss Chloe looks like she's running...not walking!
Love the new look~ was just thinking about changing our look too, now I know where to go! Luv the photo of Chole.
Michelle said…
Nice, cheerful new look! Chloe looks so joyful!
Amy said…
Such a HAPPY design! I love the colors, Cora. And of course, you have the most adorable subject gracing your blog! Chloe could not be any more precious!

Oh boy, have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE seeing you and Jim out and about with your baby girl at last?!

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