No More Tears...

that is the hope anyway.  Tomorrow Chloe is having a procedure to unplug her tear ducts.  Her tears do not drain normally and it is apparently very common. We don't think it has anything to do with her Microtia but you never know and really it doesn't matter.  It is a very simple procedure but she has to have anesthesia because she needs to hold very still.  I am a bit nervous about this part.  I know it will be fine but that does not stop me from worrying, I guess it's a mom thing.  Something that is very new and foreign to me. We go in very early, so thankful for that since she can not have anything to eat or drink after midnight and it should only take about 15 minutes.  

Jim and I are both taking the day off and plan to have a very relaxing weekend.  I think Easter was a bit too much excitement for our Little Miss.  I think if the weather is nice we will work outside a bit and if not we will stay inside.  There are several small projects that need to be done but I am looking forward to a lot of resting and relaxing.

We might also do a little practicing on our new recorder :) We will have Chloe playing wood winds in no time.


Kim said…
KyLee had it done and did great.. Chloe will do well..
Have a great weekend.
Hope all goes well. Sometimes anesthesia causes vomiting so be prepared later in the day!
M3 said…
Good luck tomorrow!! I'll send good thoughts your way.
Anonymous said…
She is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so very happy for the new mom & dad! You two are doing such a wonderful as parents. Cora, you are such a good mommy. Chloe seems to be adjusting to her new life & I know that she will blossom into a beautiful young lady with the guidance of you & Jim as her parents! Keep in touch
RamblingMother said…
it is common. My daughter had the same procedure at about 20 months old or so. No biggie other than on the parents. She was up and playing within 45 mins of waking up from the anesthesia. Hope it all went well.

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