Ok here come the Videos!

So I mentioned in my earlier post that Chloe had some firsts on Sunday. If you scroll down to look at the video first I won't be upset (because I won't ever know) but you have to read a little about our day after you have had your Chloe fix.

Jim and I have been wanting to take Chloe to feed the ducks for a few weeks, ever since we got a little taste of spring.  However every time we have tried the weather does not cooperate or someone gets sick.  Like Saturday was gale force winds all day.  But this morning we woke up and the wind was not blowing, I looked at the thermometer and it was almost 50 degrees!  Quick get the stuff together and lets head to the park!!!

Of course in the hustle and bustle to get out of the house with a toddler we forgot the loaf of stale bread we put in the freezer just for the ducks.  So as we were not about to have anything ruin our fun we headed straight to Safeway for a new loaf of the cheapest whole wheat bread we could find ( and a cup or 2 of Starbucks).

After a couple minutes of feeding the ducks we quickly learned that a new loaf of fresh bread was an excellent idea.  Chloe LOVES bread and when the ducks were not fast enough she decided she was not going to let any precious bread go to waste.  Two things happened simultaneously 1. New rule: no eating it after it hits the ground at the park and 2. no more white bread for this chica, why am I babying her with white bread she is fine with whole wheat!

You'll notice I am more cautious in the second video about when it is OK to pick up the bread.  I mean I am all for the 5 second rule but the park where ducks poo...EEEEWWWWEEE!  I can't do it, I just can't.

Here is her first swing experience...I am sure you are about to comment about the need for it to be nominated for an academy award but don't worry we already know it is awesome.  I mean 44 seconds of swinging could not get anymore exciting :)

I can not wait to go back.  We had a terrific time and I think our Little Miss give Randal Park a 2 Thumbs Up!


jade said…
Looks like a great Sunday! Yeay for the ducks being kind as well... The swing does make a pretty creepy sound (for the whole 44 secs!), I understand why she isn't looking too certain about it all in the beginning. Hope you have a nice week getting back into routine. Kind regards, jade
Dori loves the swinging video!
Lorrene said…
I think it's amazing that she wasn't the slightest bit afraid of the ducks.
The Videos were cute.
Katie D. said…
Whenever I think of feeding ducks, I think of feeding them at Randal Park too! :) Grandma used to take Laura and I there when we would stay with her in the summer when we were younger. It was always a highlight of our trip! Glad Chloe gets to experience it too!
Diana said…
I watched all 44 seconds of Chloe swinging and though it was adorable. It honestly brings back so many memories of when mine were young..Enjoy your days at the park as they grow up way to fast!!
She is adorable!!

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