Our Tree Service

Yesterday while Chloe took a nap we learned where she gets her climbing skills from.  I have been bugging Jim that we need to get a tree service to prune our maple tree. It has grown larger than we were told it would get when we planted it and it needed to be thinned of some branches that were crossing each other or just growing in the wrong direction.  Jim insisted that he could do it and he did but I did have a few nervous moments where I saw visions of casts and emergency rooms in our future.

 The old monitor works great on batteries outside the new one we have does not have enough range to go outside.  

The sleeping princess finally woke up from her morning nap in a much better mood with at SERIOUS case of bed head!

 Post number 2 in Do They Have Salsa in China?'s Spring Fling.  30 posts in 30 days!  So far so good only 28 posts to go :)  Check out the other spring fling posts linked on M3's blog.

PS.  Sorry for the quality these were taken with my camera, it is easier to carry in your pocket if you have to call an ambulance :)


Anonymous said…
lov it, Aunt Carol
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, it's a good thing Jim didn't have to go to ER that tree didn't have a lot of strong branches to be standing on from Pictures.he is braver then me.
Aunt Carol
Kim said…
Sounds like a great day..
LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the bedhead...
Have a great Sunday..
Lorrene said…
Bed head? It looks a lot like my last hair cut.
She's cute even with the bedhead.
Jimh. said…
Man! What a weekend! I enjoyed every second!

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