Playing Quietly

I am playing quietly on the computer while waiting for Chloe to go to sleep in a hotel room crib.  I am hiding behind the Armour.  It is a bit pathetic.  I can you seasoned parents please tell me how you keep from laughing when you go to sternly lay her back down and she flashes a cheesy grin at you?  Please I am helpless here.  

She loves this room.  It is truly amazing how she has changed in 3 short months. She is brave, confident and fearless.  She is funny, smart and insightful.  All qualities that I am sure she had 3 months ago but now I see them everyday.  Someday I will be able to blog about the struggles that I had in becoming a mom, it was not the easy magical moment I was thought it would be, but we grow together more and more each day. It is truly amazing! I love this little girl like no other.

Though I would show you what this monkey can do.  She has been Climbing at daycare for a couple weeks now.  In fact my mom said that in all her years of doing daycare (over 20 years), she has NEVER had a climber like Chloe.

 So proud of her accomplishment.

Jim's way of keeping the monkey from climbing on the couch :).

YEA! I think it is finally quiet in the crib!!! Goodnight everyone!


Kim said…
She is toooo cute..
Have a great weekend.. Love ya..
Hope your card gets there on time..
Lorrene said…
She looks like a very happy, well adjusted little girl. Whatever you've been doing it must be right.
jade said…
Yeah for climbing monkey clowns! I usually just turn my head away when they are too funny and I'm supposed to be stern... Jim seems pretty proud of himself too in the couch! Our daughter loves to climb on everything as well, chairs and walls included, and hey, it hurts when you fall down! Would it hurt the second time as well?. They sure have their way of claiming our energy! Motherhood - I can only try to imagine what it is like when you adopt. I can just guarantee that it is not one tranquil and smooth trip when you have carried them for nine months before having them invade your space/time/life/dreams/sleep/... either. But you are doing a great job if you ask me: her self confidence is only part of the proof! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good day at the doctor's.

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