Sunday Snapshot: Bath and Bubbles

We had a relatively busy day not doing much important but we were busy.  We went to the park, Chloe feed the ducks for the first time and she swung for what I assume is the first time (more on that later). We also went to the mall, took a nap, and the Grands stopped by for a visit.  Mommy did the taxes and daddy cleaned.  But after all that we had some down time to get ready for our week.  We are looking forward to being done with Spring break and getting back to our routine.  I know Chloe is missing all of her daycare buddies.

So we took the time to really enjoy bath time tonight.  I even broke out the bubbles and I made Jim (aka Daddy) break out the camera.  These are a few of the shots he got.  Chloe loved the bubbles, although Crayola color bubbles are a little scary in the color department.  They are shockingly blue (the water in our town is not that blue) and I was worried Chloe was going to come out looking like a Smurf so I had to pull out the regular old clear bubbles.   Chloe didn't mind clear at all.

I love it when bed time routine goes so smoothly!  Here is to the start of a great week.

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Ni Hao Yall


Cedar said…
Those are beautiful photos of a beautiful girl! I love how the bubbles make everything sparkle.
Stefanie said…
Goodness, is she cute or WHAT?
Adorable pictures :)
Anonymous said…
She is as cute as ever, looks like she likes the bubbles. Glad you are feeling better so you can have fun too !!!!
Aunt Carol
She looks so tiny in all her photos, but she's got that perfect baby chub! Just too cute!!! sidenote: Dori's weight has hardly changed over the past 2 years...she's just getting tall & thin. Her baby chub is all gone!! ;-(
Nicole said…
From Sunday Snapshot - SO FUN! We love bath time too, such a great memory!
Alyson and Ford said…
Love her cuteness! The third picture just shows off her beautiful eyelashes and adorable lips! All so cute!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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