Too Much Fun!

We are having a great time but because of that I am about ready to drop into bed.  Chloe has been asleep for about an hour already.  I am sure I will be sharing more zoo pictures with you later in the week but for now I am just going to post a couple of my favorites.

Jim is the photo guy in this house but every once in a while I pick his camera and take a shot or 2.  I was pretty proud of myself for being able to take credit for the last one!


Kim said…
Looks like a great day..
Love the photos..
Love ya ..
Lorrene said…
Chloe found something to climb.
Did she see the monkeys?
Anyway I am glad you had fun and I am looking forward to the pictures.
Jimh. said…
I like the one where she's reaching out to the otters! She sure enjoyed them!

And that last one, the one you took...that is awesome!
Kayce said…
I love that we were both at zoo's on Sunday...a was a perfect day for the zoo for sure!

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