Toys Have Invaded and Taken Over

One of my many project that I wanted to get accomplished this weekend was to sort and organize Chloe's toys. This one I actually did.  I think we were all getting a little overwhelmed.  So after she went to bed I took all of her toys (the ones that are in the bins not on the shelves) and dumped them in the living room floor.  First I separated all the Little People and put them in one bin.  Then I set about the task of dividing the rest of the toys into 3 bins.  One will be in the living room (where she plays most of the time), one goes in her bedroom and one is put up.  I plan on rotating the bins so that she can have a new set once a week.  Some of her favorites will be out all the time but hopefully this will keep us from getting buried in Little People, links, snap-lock beads, and board books.

Have I mentioned my love for Little People, Chloe might have few because her mom has a Little People addiction. 

A glass of white wine helped the task along.  
My next project is to organize her clothing better.  Any excellent ideas out there?  I think I might need 2 glasses before I tackle that project.

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Jimh. said…
I'm a little disappointed that you didn't share your organizational system with everyone. Little people, wheeled things, board books...etc. and you KNOW my favorite.
Wine helps everything go better! If you find out any good organizing ideas please share. I need to get onorganizing Aislinn's clothes too.
Charissa said…
You Will be organizing frequently and longer as time goes by. Have fun.

I am impressed with your daily blogging. Good job.

Clothes: Sort into ages and put up. Label boxes CLEARLY and put somewhere you will see them.
Christie said…
For clothes, I keep two regular sizes bins in the closet marked "Sell/Donate" and "Keepers". Lids OFF. As Keira outgrows items (shoes too) or as the seasons change and I know we won't be wearing them again - I put them in the appropriate bin. When it's full I either donate/sell or pack away and start a new one. Really helps to do it as you go!
M3 said…
Ahhhh, a glass of wine makes any task better! Mary Poppins should have written a song about that!
Anonymous said…
I got Jesse one of these rubber mades that has four drawers in it it works really well for those little tiny toys. for one drawer I put all his little people in it, in the other he likes these little cars, trackers and ground working toys in the other you can keep them separated. He likes it too,now she is still young,but it might be easier for you. they do get a lot of toys.good luck with your plans.
Aunt Carol
Kim said…
Sounds like the life of a babygirl.. just hope that she stays organized unlike the teen girl that is in this house..LOL..
love ya
Four under Four said…
That toy mess looks all too familiar! Your daughter is adorable!

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