Last night before bed Chloe read us a story, because she was not about to sit and let us read to her, oh no! But you know what she was pretty good.  The book is Moo, Baa, La La La and basically it has animal sounds in it.  She loves it!  She said most of the sounds as she got to the right page.  She is amazing.  If I can get video of it I will but you know how kids are the minute you pull out the camera they stop being cute

We read several books at night and Chloe definitely has her favorites.  It is funny to see her go over to the shelf and carefully pick out the books she wants while toss the rest.  Here are some of the winners in no particular order: Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, Moo, Baa, La La La, Johnny Tractor's New Friend, Water, Water Everywhere, That's Not My Tiger..., A Christmas Countdown, Bedtime Peek -a -Boo, and Goodnight Gorilla. 



She has others that she really doesn't care for and some that only make occasional appearances.  I think it is funny what she chooses like the John Deere book or the Christmas one but she loves them.  Oh and I can't forget the newest favorite "Uh Oh"  book, aka Sheep in a Jeep
Sheep in a Jeep Lap-Sized Board Book There is a whole Sheep series I think we need to be on the look out for them.


Lorrene said…
Chloe will have a head start when she starts school. I am happy you got her, but I am also happy she got you.
Charissa said…
I couldn't see your list.. Is there a trick to it?
Cora said…
They are Amazon links I will list also, sorry don't know why they don't show up for you,
ashley said…
So cute! Way to go with all of the animal sounds, Chloe! Lily has her favorites, too. She is currently really into the Goosie and Friends books.
:) Ashley
sarahkate60120 said…
The original Sheep in a Jeep is the best in the series, but the Sheep go Trick or Treating was also a big hit in our house.

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