Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great day.  It was low key and easy going and great.  Chloe gave me a pot she made at Nana's with pansy's in it, ahh so cute.  My First Mother's Day gift just from her.  She is so funny she picked a flower when we were taking pictures and then she tried to put it back on the stem.  Here are a couple pictures from this afternoon.

I know it is late but I want to say Happy Mother's day to all my bloggy friends.  This has been a VERY long time coming and I am happy to finally be here. My heart is with all those who are still waiting, may never be a mother and those mothers that can not be with their children.

Chloe is still feeling a bit under the weather but the breathing treatments and antibiotics are helping. She is a firecracker and nothing slows her down for long.


Happy 1st Mother's Day!!!!

So sweet how she tried to put the flowers back...

Love the pics!
Kayce said…
Happy 1st Mother's Day to you Cora!!
Melissa said…
happy first mother's day to you too!
Anonymous said…
Love your smile,you look so happy and so does Chloe Happy late Mothers day
Aunt Carol
denise said…
I love how you celebrated this first Mothers Day! That pot is cute - what a sweet keepsake.
Amy said…
Yay, Cora! Mother's Day with your precious daughter IN YOUR ARMS! So loving these pics! And so happy you had such a beautiful day!

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