Rainy Day: Sunday Snapshot

It was a rainy weekend so all of our plans were kind of put aside since most of them involved being outside.  So Yesterday we decided to do some painting,  Chloe LOVED it and it was so much fun. The Green one is a work in progress and I hope to put it in her room when it is done.

Then we moved to the pinkish canvas.  That is when Chloe thought the paint brush would make a good phone and had a pink ear.  Good thing she is washable :)

But soon the rain became more interesting and we washed up.  She thought it would be a great idea if I let her take a nap in the dog bed, however cute I thought it would be better in the crib.

After nap we went to a potluck with some other families from our area that have adopted from China.  It was a lot of fun and I hope that we are able to do this again soon.  Chloe made some new friends and had fun discovering the new environment.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, splashing and playing in the rain.

Sunday Snapshot


goldie said…
It looks like a great time. The pics will look good in her room.
allthese pictures and blogs are a great history for her.
What a great weekend!
Lorrene said…
I hope those girls can keep in touch. What exactly is the color of the coat Chloe has on. Sometimes it looks blue and other times it looks lavender.
Looks like you had a fabulous weekend.
Aislinn loves hanging out in the dogs bed too! What a little painter you have, looks like a great weeekend.
SpunkyBookworm said…
I love her abstracts! She is a true work of art in herself. I'm glad you found a great day in the rain!
Anonymous said…
Looks like Jim has met his art competition,and she has lots of fun in the rain.
A. Carol
denise said…
Kids are hilarious. I love that you let her take a nap in the dog's bed.
Anonymous said…
Uncle Jess say's you need to keep those picture of her painting cause she is going to be artist someday !!!!
Aunt Carol

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