She's Sick?

Chloe and I went to the doctor today for a follow up appointment for her respiratory infection.  I knew she was still coughing a little but figured it was on it's way out.  The congestion was clearing up but not completely gone.  I never expected, "well looks like she has an ear infection."  Here we go with a round of different antibiotics.  Although most of the time you can't tell she is sick at all.  She was all sugar and spice tonight trying on my hat and she insisted on wearing the coat although it was far from cold in here.  

Yep, that is cookie drool down her dress.  I think she is getting in at least 2 possibly 3 teeth, this girl does nothing small.  Thank goodness for Shout.  2 things I rarely used before I had a child laundry pre-treater, one bottle would last us years I have bought 2 in the last 3 months and wash cloths.


Jimh. said…
She is sick? Whatchoo talking about Willis? Why does she zoom around at a million miles an hour then?
Seriously? I figured you had to SHOUT Jim out quite a bit!
Lorrene said…
She sure loves to play "dress up" does that mean she will be a model?

She never looks sick.
Anonymous said…
Tell you this, she looks awesome and adorable in what ever she has on !!! (Oxi Clean max force) is another good stain remover.
Aunt Carol
You would never know she was sick...such a happy one!
Anonymous said…
hope she feeling better now the pictures are so cut of her,love seeing her and you guys too !!!
Aunt Carol

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