Spring Fling

Well I almost made the 30 days but I had a oops day on Saturday and didn't get anything posted.  I thought about cheating and back dating a post but then I thought "Really, I am going to cheat on myself"  Who is really watching and nothing is going to happen to me if I skip a day.

One of the things I realized during this challenge is that I don't like blogging daily.  I think the requirement kind of took the fun out of it.  However, I do think I should post a little more regularly.  So I might start doing some weekly features like Sunday Snapshot or Fashion Friday or something fun.  It was fun but I am ok with the spring fling being over, lets bring on summer!  Thank you M3 for hosting the Spring Fling.


Lorrene said…
What a special picture. Love it !!!
Anonymous said…
That is a perfect Spring picture of Chloe with the flowers behind her !!
Anonymous said…
that was from Aunt Carol love you all!!
It's hard to keep up like that. Sometimes I just send a photo straight from my phone to the blog!
jade said…
I didn't even notice the missing day, but I did enjoy following the (almost) daily news and pictures. I hope you'll find the energy to continue blogging, whether it is daily or weekly or monthly. You have a beautiful daughter and I think it will be nice for her to read and look at when she grows older. Love the picture, let the summer begin soon!

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