Sunday Snapshot: Taking a Break at the Park

We started the day with a little relaxing on the couch.

I made some really yummy fluffy pancakes, Chloe gave hers to the dogs :) but she will soon learn the value of my pancakes.  Then it was time to get busy.

Jim worked outside today while I attempted to work inside.  It is near impossible to get anything done with huricane Chloe blowing through the house but I try.  About mid day we took a walk to the park.  Chloe headed right for the swings and said "UP".

I convinced her that this one was more her size.

This girl LOVES to swing. 

Then it was off to conquer the jungle gym.

She shocked us with her ability to scale the steps.  Last time we were there she needed a lot of help.

 Not anymore

Just keeping up was the challenge.

Looking forward to a couple of more days to this weekend.  Hope we are able to take a few more fun breaks like this one.

Sunday Snapshot


Kjbikakis said…
That "big kid" swing looks so huge compared to her! She's such a cutie!
Hope you guys had a fun time at the park (:
Happy Sunday~
-Kirstie Bikakis
GGHadden said…
Looks like it was a great day!
Margaret M said…
I love her big cheesy grin!!! So CUTE!!!!
Kim said…
Tooo cute..
She is growing up sooo fast..
LOVE the close-up pic of her in the swing! What a cutie! :)
Heather said…
The hair, smile, and eyes-- dreamy!
Myra said…
LOVE the swing picture! You've trained her well to "CCHHHEESSEE" It is amazing how much she's grown in just a few short months! Such a big girl now!
denise said…
That picture of Chloe in the swing is perfect! What a sweet girl.
What a doll!!! I LOVE the close up of that SWEET FACE!!!!

She is getting so big...and she is speaking now? awwwwww

Love and blessings,

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