Dear Blog,

I have not abandoned you.  I know you may feel that way and I am so very very sorry.  Things have gotten really busy.  Work is crazy as I prepare to work for a new company and get ready for the cherry harvest.  The fan in my lap top has stopped working and so I have been trying to use it in short bursts to avoid over heating.  We plan to get that fixed soon and I hope that is the only thing that is wrong with it (finger crossed).  Summer has also found us busier at home than normal.  It is all good and we are all still here.  I hope to be back to blogging soon but if you only see a picture now and then don't worry.

Yesterday was our 5 month family day!  I can not believe the time that has gone by and the change in this beautiful little girl.  She is all toddler now, tantrum throwing included.  She has more words than I can count and although they are not all clear when combined with sign language we know exactly what she is talking about most of the time.  She LOVES Blues Clues, as long as they are episodes with Steve she gets upset if Joe comes on.  She LOVES books!  She is the most careful toddler I have ever seen with a book.  Her favorites are big thick books with lots of pages, pictures are optional, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Attaching in Adoption are among the favorites.  She also loves her big Bible book.  Although I think I need tell her that Steve (from Blues Clues) was not in the Bible.  Every time she sees the picture below she says "Hi Steve"  When you give her a napkin at dinner she puts it on her lap.  She is a big fan of music and dancing and this girl has got some moves!  I need to get it on video and when I do I will share I promise.   For know here are a couple of pictures I hope to get a few new ones tomorrow to post.



Anonymous said…
Yes. It is head to believe it has been 5 months and she has grown so much and she is so happy.Just love the picture of her and you guys,I'm so glad we got to come to Washington two years ago,now I wish we could come again to meet little Miss Chloe.
Aunt Carol
jade said…
I don't mind the pictures only, but boy I love it when you find time to write! Happy 5 months and wish you many many more to come!

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