Jim and I decided to get out of the house today and we took Chloe along I hear it is frowned upon leaving toddlers home with the puppies :).   One of the things we ended up doing was visiting for a while with Jim's sister and family.  Chloe LOVED running with her cousins.

 This surprised us a little but not much, we know she is fearless.  She wandered in to the path of the sprinkler, waited for it and let it drench her.

 Then turned and smiled I am pretty sure she would have done it again over and over if we would have let it.

 Then the cousins had us running to the next adventure.

It was a great afternoon!


Charissa said…
Awesome Pictures! Thanks for the visit today, we ALL enjoyed it!
Lorrene said…
Love the pictures.
denise said…
Cousins are the BEST.

And it doesn't surprise me that your girl likes the sprinklers. Not one bit. She sounds like such a little daredevil!
Kim said…
LOVE her ..
;tooooo cute..
Have a great Sunday..
Myra said…
Atta girl, tell Chloe I'm coming to teach her how to bait a hook!!!

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