Happy Father's Day Jim

We went for a picnic in the mountains today.  It was windier than we would have liked but we had a great time. Jim got a few pictures and I am sure he will share those with you but I wanted to share a couple also.
We had a great time and have decided we need more day trips.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there and all those still waiting.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Lorrene said…
Great pictures, I can't wait to see more.
Jimh. said…
I had a great day! Thanks for giving it to me!
Alyson and Ford said…
Happy Father's Day Jim! You look great as a Daddy!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
What a cute family! Happy Father's Day Jim!
Anonymous said…
Those pictures are great, you will have good memory's forever with all the pictures,love seeing them.
Aunt Carol
What beautiful photos of your sweet family!! Happy First Father's Day to Jim..... hope it was FABULOUS!!

Big hugs to Chloe~


Happy Father's Day to your Jim!

Looks like a wonderful way to spend your day!

Love and blessings,
Myra said…
Beautiful day...but it makes me want to sneeze! hahaha...and by the way..we have a finished basement JUST the right size for you and Chloe (and you can even bring Jim!) So COME ON! and join the fun..you won't regret..Kentucky isn't that far!!!!!!!!! :)

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