Sunday Snapshot: Pool Fun

Jim and I went on search for a kiddie pool today.  We wanted one that was ridged so that if the dogs got in it it would not get leaks.   We finally found one, can you believe that they are already on clearance and sold out at most places it is not even July yet.  We lathered on the sunscreen after lunch and headed outside.
Our next investment is in a sand box.  I never thought I would be buying a sand box but she loves to dig. My only debate is a box or a table, I want her to be able to use it for a few years.  But until then we will have plenty of swimming Chloe pictures.
Filling the pool

The slide in the pool was fun!  This girl is fearless.

And of course the afternoon included pool side reading.

Soon the straps began to bother our little princess.  I will teach her about modesty later :)

The slide got moved to the sprinkler which was just as fun!

But this is when mommy knew it was nap time.

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

Sunday Snapshot


Love it when children play until they drop! Adorable little girl! Stopping by from Sunday Snapshot!
Amie said…
snuck over here from Sunday snapshot. What a sweetie. The hat and the suit are too much. and those cheeks and the little pouty lips. so sweet!

Looks like lots of fun!
Anonymous said…
Grandma Voni noticed that she is so very talented. She can read upside down (the book that is). Watch out for the need of sun screen. Sport Illusted Girls watch out there is a new girl on the block who makes you look sick and washed out. All my love, baby girl.
Rachel said…
Looks like a great way to cool off and have some fun in the summer heat!
Anonymous said…
Wow!! she is going to be a beauty,and topless one at that. she is cute an every thing she does. Her swim suit is sure cute.
Aunt Carol
Michelle said…
She is so dang cute!
Kayce said…
Fun times!! :)
LOVE her immodesty. ;) Too cute!

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