Say Cheese

This weekend went too fast.  I don't even remember why.  Saturday morning we headed to the hospital to get a few tests completed for Chloe, the dreaded blood draw that they couldn't get in Seattle after 3 tries and an x-ray.  I have to give credit to the gals at memorial hospital, they were amazing.  Chloe was a bit scared but they made everything quick and easy.  We are ready to be done with testing for a while but we have a few more to go in the next few weeks.  After the hospital it was all a blur.  We did a little shopping, we did a little relaxing, we did a little cleaning and the weekend was gone.  

This evening while we were waiting for dinner Chloe decided to ham it up with her necklaces.  I grabbed my little Cannon and we had fun saying cheese.   And she has some serious pucker action but if you are going to take that one on you better be prepared for a wet one :)

She thinks she's hilarious and she's right :)


Jimh. said…
I just love that kid! I hope the work week goes faster than our weekend!
Lorrene said…
Love those cute little dresses she wears and she knows how to dress them up with her fancy jewelry. She's a fancy funny girl.
Anonymous said…
She has got a mouth full of teeth now, love those smile and kisses!!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh yes. she would be Grandma Lockwood's kind of girl with those necklaces on!!
and the teeth commit is from me also.
Aunt Carol
jade said…
I noticed the nice dresses and the teeth as well, I also love the picture where she's checking out her foot! I hope the tests give you positive results, keeping my fingers crossed over her! Wishing you a fast week and a relaxing next weekend filled with wet kisses!

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