Sunday Snapshot - 6 Months as a Family!

I have not been posting much but I could not let today go unmarked.  Life has been incredibly busy and it does not show signs of slowing down.  Today marks 6 months Since Chloe was placed in our arms.  There have been so many changes in the last 6 months it is truly hard to believe that it has only been 6 months.

Our family is really starting to get into a grove. It was not an easy six months but as they say it is worth it.  Chloe is going to be 2 in a couple months and boy can we tell.  This morning she almost had a full on kicking screaming throw yourself on the floor tantrum because daddy did not understand she wanted her bracelets. It must be so frustrating to be a toddler. We still have rough nights now and then (like last night) but for the most part sleep issues are fading.  Eating is MUCH better although do not even show Chloe a strawberry if you want her to eat anything else.

She loves strawberries and dill pickles.  She prefers to craisins (cranberries) to raisins but likes them both.  Anything dipped in ketchup is better including, the previously mentioned, craisins.  She hates watermelon and cucumber and apparently all melons are out.

Her motor skills are coming along as well.  She can twirl like a pro.  She has been in gymnastics for a couple months now and she loves it.  She can jump, kick, put her hands on her knees (freeze) and just this week she has started doing somersaults and it is not even a skill we were working on.  But she loves to tumble!  Playing outside has also become a favorite past-time.  Our yard looks like 10 kids live here, with a sandbox, a kiddie pool, a slide and a climber but it all keeps her entertained after all she is almost 2 she only spends about 2 minutes at thing and then runs to the next.

She loves the push my buttons...literally my buttons.  She loves the computer, she loves to turn the TV on and off, she love the remotes for the TV and any phone she can get her hands on.  I even think she started a load of laundry the other day by pushing buttons.

Chloe's speech is coming along.  I don't think it is as good as others her age but I don't think she is necessarily behind either.  Jim and I understand her quite well I think others might have more problems since they are not with her all the time.  I can't even list all the words she knows now.

It is amazing that in 6 short months she has changed into this little person.  I want time to slow down, I keep reminding myself that this is the only time that she will be this age and so much changes each day.  I have to slow down and appreciate the moments even the moments of screaming and fit throwing.

We are so lucky to the parents of this beautiful, smart, active little miss.  We have been asked if it is what we imagined it would be and the answer is absolutely not.  No matter how ready you are, you can not imagine how parenthood changes your life, I knew it would but nobody could have truly prepared me.

Today we went to the farmers market and they had a petting zoo.  Another first checked off the list in the blink of an eye.  She loved it of course, especially the sheared sheep and the rabbit.       

Sunday Snapshot


Kim said…
She is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Such a cutie! Happy 6 months!
Jodi said…
What a beautiful blessing!
5ennie said…
Congratulations on 6 months!! Chloe is beautiful!
Here from Sunday Snapshot.
Congratulations on 6 months with your beauty!

Love and blessings,
Anonymous said…
WOW where did the time go? As for talking she is just fine. She is going at Chloe's speed which is fast. Let's see Papa taught her "Oh, Boy!" on Saturday. And buttons are just one of her many favorite things. Along with braclets, leaning into Papa's back when he sits on the floor, giving kisses, and hand bumps to name just a few more fun things we did Saturday. We love her more each day and count her as one of our favorite thing/granddaughter. Happy 6th month Birthday Little Miss Chloe. Grandma Voni
GGHadden said…
We are having the exact same fits when we don't know what Mia wants. We are just 3 short months behind you, I cant believe how fast time is passing us by. Happy to hear Chloe is starting to eat out....Mia gained 1 lb in 3 weeks :)
denise said…
Wow, 6 months already. Why is it the waiting takes forever, but once they're home with you time flies?! Parenthood changes everything..but I still love it.

Chloe sounds amazing.

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