An Afternoon in the Back Yard

Started with a little berry smoothie drinking in the lounge chair.

Then dinner outside, first corn on the cob!!

Maybe it would be better in Ketchup?

Yep, that is good!
Back off Mom, I got this corn thing down!

Followed by a little after dinner stacking cup action!
This was our Saturday night it was awesome!  Life just keeps getting better.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Jim's camera to take these pictures but he said something like too much butter for his "precious"

Sunday Snapshot


I love it! Too much butter.....

Precious shots of Chloe. She is growing up so fast!

I finally posted on my blog again...It is hit or miss for me.
We are staying put for now. So hopefully I will get baxk into it!

= )Jody
Amy said…
I found your blog though the Sunday Snapshot. Your Chloe is just adorable!!!! We are waiting on our daughter from China. Thanks for sharing your story of Chloe.
Ketchup makes the whole world a lot better! LOL!
Cedar said…
Adorable! Your subject is very sweet making for lots of great pictures!
Lorrene said…
Laura loved ketchup like that too. I think she still does. Not sure if she puts it on her corn. Maybe not.
Love the updates on her. I think she has a bigger audience than you realize.
Anonymous said…
Yes I think so to as for the audience, love seeing her change so much ,it looks like she will eat most any thing now.
Aunt Carol
jade said…
She's just too cute, whatever camera you use to take her pictures with - i'm so happy for the three of you to see you're getting on so well and enjoying life together!

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