Beach Adventure 2011

Just a few pictures until I have the energy to write all about it.  As I type this at 10 pm on Sunday, Chloe fell asleep a mere 5 minutes ago! She is normally in bed by 7:30 - 8 at the latest, she was in bed before 8 but going to sleep is another matter.  I think I will even save captioning them for another time.

Good night all, if you could think good thoughts for our trip home tomorrow Chloe has decided that car trips longer than 5 minutes were created as a torture device.  Screaming in the car is the new norm, yikes, I need to get some sleep.

Sunday Snapshot


Enjoyed the pictures!! It is hard to get them asleep when you are all sharing a room. There is no where to go!!

Oh my, I will pray she is really sleep tomorrow and she will just nap the whole way home. Otherwise it might be a long car ride home. Do you have a DVD player with her favorite Kai Lan or Dora movies? That helps us alot! Mc D here we come....

= ) Jody
Anonymous said…
Jesse was that way, we were so afraid when we came out there by plane that he would get us kicked off because of his screaming He didn't like the car seat. Hope your trip home goes well, maybe she will sleep.Looks like she enjoyed the beach.
Aunt Carol
The dress is sooo adorable! Look like a great time!
Kayce said…
Love the pictures! Especially love the one of her looking upside down through her legs....too cute! Hope your trip home is a smooth one!
SpunkyBookworm said…
Beautiful pics, beautiful dress, and AWESOME downward dog pose. It made me envy her how all she had to do was bend down and do that! HAHAHA!
Have a safe trip home, if you're not there already!
Melissa said…
Your little one is adorable! I also loved the Downward dog photo, really cute :)

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