I saw this cute book on cake pops and thought that can't be that hard, yeah right! I thought hey Chloe's Birthday is coming up and just look at all the cute holiday ones.  This could become a fun family baking event.  AND THAT IS WHAT I GET FOR THINKING!
 Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats

I baked a cake last night.  I read the instructions twice and today at nap time I gathered the supplies and dug in.  It all seemed to go well until the dipping.  I had one panda suicide right off the stick he must have known his fate was never to be as cute as the pictures in the book.  I switched to cupcakes thinking they would be easier and it was but they still had a longing, they longed to be cupcakes.

On the upside they are yummy!

I might try again, has anyone made these before?  Any tricks to make the dipping go easier?  


Jimh. said…
I'm thinking, "Have someone else do it."
Lorrene said…
They look funny and yummy. I think the kids would like them just as they are. What do kids know about perfection. The adults might notice, but if you act faultless they won't say anything. heheheheehee
SpunkyBookworm said…
I think they are so sweet! I love how you did the cupcakes on the stick. As for dipping, I wonder if putting the cakes in the freezer for about 10 mins before dipping. That way the icing will solidify faster. I suggest that next year, make plain cupcakes and let everyone decorate their own! That way, you're not comparing yourself to a book of people who do this for a living. :D
You are as crazy as me taking on something new like this. I am getting better at doing cookies/decorating as I go...same with bentos. I just say practice...and check out YouTube because you might find some good video tutorials that really help out.
Oops...hit send too early! They are adorable though! You are smart to test it out a month early!
Looks so good- I have been meaning to try these myself, but just have not done it yet.
One Happy Mama said…
Those are cute! I learned you have to refrigerate it for at least 24 hours (regardless what the directions say) to make them firm before you "cake" them!
Kelly said…
I commend you for even trying them!!! The cupcakes look really cute.
These are so cute! I have no idea on how to do them. I will let you test the waters first....then I will try it out.
Amy said…
I couldn't do it but it looks fun watching someone else. My daughter would LOVE it. Maybe....
Dawn said…
I make Oreo versions of these all the time. (just grind up the oreos and add cream cheese) First you have to balance the amount of frosting with the amount of cake too much frosting makes them mushy and more likely to fall. You want them to be the consistancy of play doh. Then make sure they are really cold but not frozen when you dip them and that the chocolate set up for about a minute or two after you get it melted. It needs to be melted but NOT hot so to speak. You will probably need to reheat it a few times to complete the task at hand. It is also easier to buy a block of styrofoam to stick the completed ones in as they dry. Keep half the undipped ones in the fridge as you go so they do not warm up at all!

That's the things I've learned over time. Hope these tips help! I'm making Oreo cupcake pops today as a matter of fact and I can't wait. (the good part about those are no waiting to bake anything, LOL)
jade said…
They look great if you'd ask me (and the suicide panda would not have lasted very long in this house!). Sorry I can't be of any help (but it looks like you've had a lot of advice already), but I do think you are very brave putting in all this work - nap time never gives me enough courage to try anything else but clear away a tiny part of the general disorder around the house...
Anonymous said…
My Granddaughter makes those oreos and cream cheese roles they are so good.
Aunt Carol
Amy said…
I've done them several times. Ghirardelli or Baker's baking chocolate (or white chocolate) dips much better than the Wilton colored candy pieces, even though that's what Bakerella says she uses. I usually add a little shortening when I melt it, but that's optional.

I use floral foam to stick them in, and it's a mess. I made puppy pops for Martina's 4th bday. They turned out OK but looked like a rather messy version of Bakerella's.

Most of the time I just make cake balls and forget the sticks. Much easier and just as yummy. Sprinkles on top excite the kids even more than the elaborate decorations.

We thought of you again when Martina declared that the travel pillowcase with the Peanuts Easter pattern you made for Evan was her absolute favorite. And then again last night when she declared that the fairy one that you made was her absolute favorite. We have so many things from you around our house, we think of you often!!

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