Saturday, August 27, 2011


No our back yard is not the greatest, most perfect yard in the world, but it is ours.  It has it's bare spots, it has it's weeds, and it has it's mud.  Chloe took great pleasure in finding a puddle this afternoon.  It was a hot day and Jim mowed the lawn twice this morning (yes, it was that long since we were out of town last weekend...stop judging) so he was sprinkling it while we were out there.  Chloe had been avoiding the sprinkler but when she wandered into it I thought, oh well she'll dry, that is what I get for thinking. 

On her way to attack Mommy with the sprinkler!
I think she was quite pleased with herself.
It was a fun afternoon and what better way to cool off than a mud bath.

Sunday Snapshot


Martha said...

there's nothing like playing with the sprinkler and making memories

Shonni said...

Hello, and what an adorable mud princess!!!
So much childhood fun.

Melissa said...

This looks like it was so much fun! So glad you took time to enjoy the little moments that may be messy but worth every second...I love those moments!!! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

Lacie said...

It's all about those little moments, isn't it? She is so precious.

Merrill said...

A little mud between the will wash right off, right? Looks like she enjoyed herself!

Anonymous said...

She must not mind the cold water from the sprinkler and the mud is so much fun playing in !!
Aunt Carol

jade said...

She is so cute! And the pictures of the feet in the mud are as priceless as her smile!


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