Poor Neglected Blog

Dear Blog, I am so sorry but you would never guess it but 22 month old's are BUSY and they prevent you from blogging.  I know, I know I said I would never leave you but we are going to have to see each other less often and when we do see each other it might just be for a brief, passing picture or two.  On the brightside you are still a cute blog with pictures of an adorable busy toddler so don't feel to bad.  And I have time tonight so here is a little recount of our day.

It is Hop Festival weekend in our little town.  Last year at this time we were working a booth selling coloring books to help with adoption costs.  We never imagined that this year we would be pushing a stroller around with a little one from China.  My, how life changes!  

Which purse should I take?

Hi Princesses!

Is this thing gonna start already?

I got this candy thing down!

We missed the fireworks last night, since someone's bedtime is before dark.  However, we did make the parade this morning.  It was Chloe's first parade.  The sirens on the police cars and fire trucks at the beginning kind of scared her a bit but once she realized what it was about I think she enjoyed it.

We sat next to the Mr. and Mrs. Bowden.  Mrs. Bowden was the librarian in town since I was a little girl and she retired a few years ago.  It was so nice to be able to introduce Chloe and she really liked climbing up on Mr. Bowden's lap over and over again.

I think the floats that blew bubbles were her favorite but she really got into running for candy.  She came home with a whole purse full.  

We came home and had lunch and a nap.  After nap we walked down the the actual festival but decided it would be better to come home play in the pool and BBQ.  

It was a great day!


Jimh. said…
Who knew, a year ago, where we'd be?! It's amazing how things change. She is amazing.
I remember your preparing & selling and now you get to just enjoy!
GGHadden said…
I see toe nail polish :) Chloe is looking cute as ever! Mia says Hi Chloe!
jade said…
Yes, cute is definitely the word to use to describe your daughter! Good for you that you take the time you need for her, rather than spoil us with news and pictures!

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