Weekend Fun : Sunday Snapshot

In the next week or so expect picture overload.  We are making our first trip to the beach!  I was supposed to be getting ready this weekend but we didn't get far on that.  I did get a new beach dress made for Chloe but we are not packed.  Oh well we will get there.  Here is a tease of what to expect on the beach:

In the mean time, here is Chloe in her first 2 piece, she is about the cutest thing ever!
I know it is a bit out of focus but isn't she just adorable!
I love the water!

Can't resist the ruffle bum!
Oh and she has discovered that her FAVORITE Raspberries fit on her fingers.
Pay no attention to the main course still on the tray.

All gone!
Thank goodness for rapid fire with Jim's camera those raspberries only lasted a couple seconds.

Oh and to prove I am still here Jim got a shot of me :)

Sunday Snapshot


shelley said…
cute cute cute
Jimh. said…
All cute! especially the last one!
That 2 piece is adorable on Chloe! Love her tummy and Be Boo!!

HAve fun at the beach. I think it is so much harder to pack up when there is children involved.... There is so much more stuff plus the extra outfits in case there is accidents etc.

= ) Have fun!!
Katie D. said…
Now that she's learned rasberries fit on her fingers, time to move onto olives! I have to make sure someone keeps the tradition of olives on the fingers at Thanksgiving stays alive and let's face it, it will be cute on Chloe than me! :)
Kayce said…
Love that suit and the little belly! Adorable!! Have a great time at the beach!
What an adorable belly!! Can't wait to see the beach dress!
Anonymous said…
She is just one Beauty Queen,love that little swim suit with the hat,she will be the beauty at the beach !!!
Aunt Carol
Ruffle bums are absolutely irresistible. :)

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