I Can Do It - Sunday Snapshot

We decided to go to the park yesterday.  The last time we were at this park Chloe had just started walking things were different this time.  We fed the ducks then headed over to the playground.  Chloe decided that she could climb the ladder by herself (with mommy spotting of course)

This is my favorite!

I did it!
 Then I took Precious (Jim's camera).  I didn't get as many good shots as Jim does but I got a few that I liked. 

It is amazing how a tantrum can be turned around by the words "say cheese"

Sunday Snapshot


Jimh. said…
Maybe I shouldn't let you borrow Precious anymore, you're going to outshine my efforts! Beautiful shots!
Amy said…
Jennifer said…
What a sweetie pie!
jade said…
I love all the pictures (also the baby one in the previous post), but I think the last one is very special indeed! Maybe Jim should get you your own Precious...
Rachel said…
She's adorable, looks like a fun day! (stopping by from Sunday Snapshot:)
Lori said…
Beautiful shots!!! Nice work Mom!!!
I love the name Precious too!! :)
Love the shots! She is precious!!!
Lorrene said…
Pictures are super great. She will never have to guess what she looked like when she was little. Your camera was worth every penny it cost.
Anonymous said…
I thank you did a great job taking the pictures.cute, cute !!!
Aunt Carol
Eva said…
Aw. Precious!
Ginny said…
I love the one of him holding her upside down. So cute
Love your photos! If you don't mind my asking...what kind of camera did you use?? The photos are sharp as can be and the colors so vibrant??
Bailey said…
The photos are adorable! Love the one of Chloe resting on the ground. So sweet, and her legs crossed! Yes, she is the cutest thing ever!
Alyson and Ford said…
Wonderful photos!! You are all so special, love her bright beautiful eyes!
You all shine!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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