Just Like Daddy!

Chloe wants to do everything daddy does.  I think Jim might have a little competition as the family photographer in a couple years :)

We are getting ready for the Birthday next week and I can't wait.  It is going to be simple and small but should be fun.  I can't believe a year ago we didn't even know this little person existed and now so much in our lives revolves around her.  Next week be ready for some Blue's Clues and Birthday fun for a very special 2 year old!

Sunday Snapshot


Jimh. said…
She IS awesome and she will have the best camera in Kindergarten!!!
Cedar said…
My 3 year old keeps saying she wants a camera for her birthday! Don't think it'll be that nice, though!

Cute photos! Adorable!
Lorrene said…
Now she is a Camera girl. I can already see her job resume. Computer tech, Camera Girl,Singer, Dancer, Telephone work, etc.
Martha said…
That's so awesome. My baby girl does everything her siblings do especially the 10 year old. Sweet photos.
Lee Ann said…
Super cute!! The camera is about as big as her....love it!!!
Merrill said…
I'll bet she could take some fun pictures! Some of my favorites are the ones my daughter has taken with my little camera!
How adorable!!!!! I love seeing young ones interested in photography- exciting to share that passion.

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