Then and Now

I simply can't believe how much this little girl has changed in 7 short months.  I was downloading the flip today and Chloe and I were looking back at some home videos from February.  I thought I would share one that I don't think I have shared before.  She was such a baby when we got home and now she is such a toddler.  Jim took the other video this morning at breakfast, she loves her berries and raspberries are her favorite.  It is going to be a sad day when we can no longer get fresh raspberries for the year.

Yesterday I went through her toys and boxed up the "baby" toys.  Do you ever stop feeling like everything is in fast forward?  Dressing herself is the newest venture and she is getting pretty good at it.  It makes getting ready in the morning a bit more challenging but we will get through it.  I have found just leaving her alone with her clothes while I get ready is the best strategy, so far.  Eventually, everything gets on although it maybe inside out and backward.  But it is so much fun when 3 tutus go on together and the top is completely abandoned.  Twirling is also a recently acquired skill, a girl has got to twirl!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday Snapshot


So cute and boy has she changed! Yes, it is great they can dress themselves. Until they don't like the clothes you chose for them. I had to start giving him two choices.
Lorrene said…
It was so much fun seeing her yesterday, Oh and you guys too.
Hey everybody, she is even cuter in person than in pictures.
SpunkyBookworm said…
Love watching her grow! It's amazing how different she looks!
Anonymous said…
Loved watching the videos and looking at the changes. When we go 3 weeks in not seeing her, we notice the changes. Thanks for letting us play, caring for and loving her yesterday. Give her a hug for us. grandma v
Nancy said…
Just popped over from Sunday Snapshot. Oh my she is gorgeous! My oldest is nearing her time to leave the nest, and no, it still feels like fast forward. Lucky we have little ones too to keep it fun.
Thank you for sharing,
Sammons said…
She has grown so much!!!! Looks like you all are having the time of your lives!! Mary

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