Today and Tomorrow

Chloe's 2nd Birthday party is tomorrow, (her actual birthday is on Tuesday) I didn't start getting emotional until tonight.  She has only been my baby for 8 months, not long enough to be turning 2 but that is the way life is.  I know we are spoiling her this birthday but we have one to make up for!  Last year she was just a picture on a computer screen, this year she is an independent, stubborn, out going, happy. active, toddler!  Babyhood went too fast for this Mama but I am enjoying see her grow and change, just want it to start slowing down so I can enjoy it more!

Last year we went to the Prosser Balloon rally knowing about Chloe but not knowing for sure what would happen in the next few months.  This year it was awesome to finally be there with her!  I am exhausted from our day and we have more excitement tomorrow so I will just leave you with a few pictures.

Sorry I was probably in the middle of saying up which I said a lot but love the look of wonder on Chloe's face.


Family Self Portrait 


Lorrene said…
She is going to enjoy those pictures when she gets older. I love the one of her and Cora looking up.
Precious is paying off.
For those that may not know, Precious is the name you gave the camera.
Love the family shot! You are building happy memories.
Anonymous said…
I like the picture of you and Chloe looking up, but I really think the one of you and her in the third from the last is a great picture. The portrait of you three is a good one too they are all so good. You guys have fun at Chloe's party. It has been a whirlwind year for all three of you. Oh yes, you can't spoil her to much!!
love, Aunt Carol
Charissa said…
I love the last family picture.

I was thinking what would happen if you could have shown the picture of you two looking up at the balloons to yourself last year when things were so uncertain.

Looking at it now it seems like a dream come true.

Blessings to your 3
GGHadden said…
Happy Birthday Chloe!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Mia
Looks like a great time! We love the balloons.

I'm so thankful Chloe is home! I remember following your blog and hurting for you both. God is good!

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