Too Cute for Words

Chloe's shirt needed a little stain care after daycare so I stripped it off to soak, She then found my hat and her purse.  I just love her sense of style so I decided to get a few pictures.  I stole borrowed Jim's Camera and started shooting.

"I have a pock" aka pocket

"Look mama I found the flag"

"Ok, I'm done with this gig"
Tomorrow, hot air balloons, Sunday, birthday party, this is going to be one busy and fun weekend!


Andrew D. Wells said…
I see you've been going for the cambodian refugee look too.
Lorrene said…
If it's hot weather, just leave the shirt off. A two year old can get away with it. Cute ss always.
I love how she models & smiles nice for mama...but gives dada a cheesy grin! LOL!
Kayce said…
Adorable! Love all the pictures!
SpunkyBookworm said…
It's hard to scale how small she is until you put her up against her cousin! SOOO CUTE!! That family self portrait is a framable (sp?) one. Happy Birthday Dear Chloe!!

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