27 Dresses

Well not quite but she tries!   Chloe found the basket of sundresses that I was going to pack up since the weather has decided that it is definitely fall.  I hate how fast kids go through clothes, if they don't grow out of them the season changes.  I still LOVE these dresses, it is not fair!
I sometime wonder what Chloe remembers about China because layering is still VERY important to her.

"Wow, this is way too many dresses"

Help! Dad!

"`Really Child, is this all the dresses?"

Today, Jim and I have been married 12 years.  Yesterday we celebrated by going to a movie and dinner while Chloe spent some time with Nana and Papa.  Today we hardly left the house mostly due to my cold. We just relaxed and Chloe basically ran the show as usual.  Things are SO different than they were last year, I would have never imagined life the way it is now!

Sunday Snapshot


Lorrene said…
Cora, I don't think you could possible look any happier. Amazing what a difference one little girl can make.
Aunt Karen said…
Laughing out loud and still laughing..... What was the dress count? She is so cute and the perfect match for the two of you. Happy Anniversary a little late.
Happy Anniversary! I love Chloe's expression in the top photo. It's as if she's saying these are too tight...no more! LOL! Her layering cracks me up!
Too cute! Mia Hope layered for a very long time.

Happy Anniversary!

Love and blessings,
Diane said…
Happy Anniversary! She is so sweet!
Charissa said…
Very cute. Well, mom, it's getting colder, just saying.

That last pic of you Cora you look like you're in your early 20's. sweet.

Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!
Catherine said…
What fun!! Kids are the cutest and your Chloe is adorable!

Happy Anniversary!
Anonymous said…
It is so nice that you can sew. She will need more next year !! She is so adorable, she can make more fun just out of dresses.
Aunt Carol

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