Flying Chloe!

One of the things that Chloe loves is to be tossed in the air and her Daddy gets her flying pretty high.  So when we were up in the hills last weekend I took his camera and got a few shots.  The last one is my favorite.

It was raining Chloe's!

the long road


Christie said…
SO ADORABLE! I have some similar shots of Anton throwing Quint in the pool - it looks amazing on film. Such trust!
Catherine said…
LOL! Kiddos sure do love to be thrown up in the air! Looks like Daddy might have needed a nap after that photo shoot! :o)
Anonymous said…
That is so cute with her flying, fly, fly away!!!
Aunt Carol
Emily said…
That last shot is amazing, love it! Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
I think the last one was the most amazing one. Jim should put that one in the State Fair next year. My heart is in my throat each time I see her fly but his dad did the same thing with our kids. And my mother also had a tight throat each time. I think it is a grandma thing. Love you all Grandma Voni

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