Happy Halloween - Sunday Snapshot

Toddlers are amazing!  Last year I posted a picture of Leah all dressed up and this year I am able to post a picture of the 2 girls together!  They had so much fun dressing up for their Halloween photo shoot.  Jim (aka Daddy, aka uncle Jim) took these so I can't take credit but I was one of the toddler wranglers.
"We are supposed to do what with these pumpkins?"

"Peek a boo I see you"

Focus Schmocus


I might be a bit biased but I think they make the cutest trick or treators out there.  

Sunday Snapshot


SpunkyBookworm said…
Gorgeous as usual. I love the leaves, and your niece is so sweet! But I have to say that seeing Chloe on here almost everyday is really amazing.
Lorrene said…
They have my vote. They are having fun and cute as ever.
Ellie A. said…
OH how cute I so love the pictures. I am looking forward to having some fun leaf fun here as well!
Anonymous said…
I knew Chloe and I had a close connection I collect cows she could be one of my cows. but that little lady bug would fit in real well with my cows also, they are sooo cute they have my vote for being the cute's around!!!
Aunt Carol
Alyson and Ford said…
So cute! Aren't all holidays so much more fun?

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Jennifer said…
Such cuties! Happy Sunday!
TanyaLea said…
Cutest little calf I ever did see!! :) They're BOTH adorable!
Andrew D. Wells said…
It's too bad she's not a happy child.
Oh my gosh Cora! They are so flippin' adorable : ) What sweet pictures! I love that you could capture their sweetness together. I can tell they are always on the go!
Anonymous said…
Great costumes! Those cousins sure look alike. I am so glad that we have this blog available to be able to see and experience some of her days. Thanks mom and dad for taking the time to get the photos and blogging them. Love Grandma Voni

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