Lazy Weekend

After the extremely busy weekend last weekend, we were pretty lazy the last 2 days.  Yesterday we did some shopping in the morning then a lot of lounging and reading and playing, and mess making.  Today we did manage to make the house look less like it had been hit by a tornado and then we went to dinner at my parents.  Turkey dinner!  It was just a taste of all the wonderful meals the fall brings, so yummy!  Chloe likes her Turkey best if Nana feeds it to her with a little cranberry on each bite.  No she is not spoiled she is just particular :).

I also got Chloe's hair into her first real ponytail.  I might be being biased (although I doubt it) but I think it is the CUTEST ponytail I have ever seen!  

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday Snapshot


Jimh. said…
Cutest pony tail in the WORLD!!
GGHadden said…
I second that! Don't think I can get Mia's hair back like that yet but we've got the best looking piggy tails ever :)
Very cute! I am impressed with the perfect ponytail. I struggle to get Dori's nice like that!
That is a cute pony tail and probably the sweetest little profile I have ever seen. Reminds me of my #3. Cute pics!
jade said…
Dear Cora, I loved the happy Friday pictures but oh my, these are adorable too! The dress is awesome, did you make it to match the shoes, or did you find the shoes to match the dress? They're a perfect! And the hair, well, I'm getting in line to come and follow a class, I can never get my daughter's hair to stay put, let alone get it in a pony tail...
Sennie said…
Too cute!!!
Here from Sunday Snapshot.
Kelli said…
Seriously? Does it get any cuter than that? I don't think so....I LOVE the dress and adore the pontail! :) (and of course the cute cute girl! :)

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