Making Cookies!

Our first time baking with Mommy.  Baking with a 2 year old has it's challenges but we had a good time dumping and stirring.  I think she enjoyed it and she definitely like licking the beaters.
Reading the recipe carefully.

Stir Stir Stir
"More butter?"

Yeah, I think we will be doing this a lot!  The pumpkin cookies turned out so yummy! I am sure they will be a Halloween favorite.


Alyson and Ford said…
Love making cookies with my little one too! They do like to stir! Yummy too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
What a great little helper!
Kayce said…
LOVE this!! The firsts are the best! I know you two will have MANY years of baking together. :)
Anonymous said…
Yes I can see it now. 16 years from now a weekly cooking show with Choloe in center stage. Watch Martha Starwart your replacement is on her way! Every evening she'll end the show with, "Thanks to my mom and dad for teaching me how to cook. Good night mom and dad." Yep, I can jsut see it now. Love from a proud Grandma Voni
Kim said…
I just love her.... I want to give her big ole kisses...
Happy Halloween..
SpunkyBookworm said…
I remember the first time we did something like that. Lots of memories. :D
TanyaLea said…
Baking with our babies is the BEST!! My Khloe loves to help mama in the kitchen, too. And my favorite photo... is of your Chloe licking the beater... every kids favorite part!!! :) CUTE!

I see lots of baking memories in your future ...together with your precious girly being made with her mama in the kitchen!!

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