The Real Pumpkin Patch

Molly and Leah came to visit and so we thought after nap time we would all head out and get the girls some pumpkins. We went to a "Pumpkin Patch" only to find that there was not a pumpkin patch but just some pumpkins on the ground and a they wanted a small fortune just to walk in.  Yes, they had a corn maze and other things but we just wanted a real pumpkin patch.  So we took a couple pictures and moved on. I mean seriously we could have spent more than $50 just to go pick out a pumpkin that someone already picked and put on the grass, I don't think so! We found a place just up the road from our house that had a real Pumpkin Patch, like It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown pumpkin patch, we scored.

We will definitively be back next year.  So if you are in the area check out the pumpkins for sale on Mieras Road, follow the signs off highway 24.

I think everyone came away happy!

Sunday Snapshot


Jimh. said…
It was TONS of fun! The models were pretty darned cute!
Anonymous said…
You can say that again they are overly darn cute. They don't charge at our pumpkin patch just when you bye a pumpkin. Looks like a busy place with all those port a potties in the back ground.Love your pictures you guys do a really, really good job at it.I like seeing everyone.
Aunt Carol
Cuteness! First place sounded ridiculous. We have a place nearby that you don't have to pay to go to, but they have all kinds of attractions that require payment. I think it takes the fun out of it...and of course the kids whine to ride the ponies or play on the playground!
Merrill said…
I wish I could find a "real" pumpkin patch. All the ones around here are just pumpkins on the ground, already picked, like the first one you described. LOVE the material of her purple Halloween dress! Very cute!
prechrswife said…
We have the pumpkins on the ground kind of "pumpkin patches" around here, too, but they only charge when you buy a pumpkin. Wish we could find a real one. There was one where we used to live in Georgia, but that was pre-kids.
Catherine said…
Around here we pay to enter the pumpkin farm but there are lots of activities (barn with animals, 2 play areas, corn maze, store, etc.) and then we pay for pumpkins on top of that. We take a hay ride into the field and then find a pumpkin that has already been cut from the vine but is still in the field. It works as those things look tough to cut off!

Glad you were able to find a place you were so happy with. The girls are adorable together!

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