Fall Fun

Well the Sickness is working it's way through our little family and although it is Chloe's turn we were all going stir crazy being cooped up in the house so we headed out "Shop Ping" as Chloe calls it. We were a little early and needed to waste some time so we visited the park that Jim and I used to spend our lunches together many many moons ago, (like 17 years ago, wow, we are old).   So we bundled up and found some swings!

Think Chloe approved and all was good until she saw the monkey bars!!!

I believe "UP" was repeated a couple times

Daddy obliged! 

I think we might be in trouble with this dare devil!

Then we collected a few leaves for our friends at daycare.  Chloe likes the BIG ones best.

She is starting on some antibiotics tomorrow, for what looks like an ear infection.  I hope this is the last of the sicknesses for a while we have had our fill this year.  

Happy Fall!!


Aunt Karen said…
Uncle Dennis needs to teach Chloe, one more time, one more time, one more time...
Knock on wood!

She is such a cute daredevil! Dori still wears that same CocoBonbons coat and we got her the pants in a bigger size cause she loved them so much. Nice thick stuff that Chloe will get several years use out of!
Michelle said…
I hope the sickness leaves your house and doesn't return for a long time(wishful thinking, I know with a kid who goes to daycare). Thinking good healthy thoughts!

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