Only one week until our Christmas as 3!

We had a great day.  Jim's parents we able to come up and spend some time with Chloe so that Jim and I could get a little shopping done.  We also went out for lunch, by ourselves!  It was such a treat.  

We gave Chloe an early Christmas gift.  She need a hat as I am always losing the one that covers her ear good and Target had this adorable panda one on sale 40% off!  Chloe loves "pambas."  

After wrapping a few more gifts, we decided to decorate the house, the gingerbread house that is!  It was a ton of fun.  Chloe was more into eating the candy than decorating with it but she sure had fun.  This was the first time we got one of these kits and i think it will be a part of our Christmas traditions.  So much fun, we had to go for a walk when we were done to help Chloe release some of the energy the all that candy had given her.  We went and looked at lights.  Chloe loves lights, when we would get close to a house with lights she would yell "LIGHTS YESSSSS"  She is too much. 

Tomorrow we might see if we can visit "the man in red"  Santa is a favorite of Chloe's ever since we had an accidental encounter at Wal-Mart and he gave her candy.  We were talking about Santa last night and I told her that he was going to come and bring her something and asked what she thought Santa was going to bring and she got a big grin and said "candy"  I sometimes wonder how much she really understands about what I am telling her and then she answers a rather complicated question and blows me away.  I told her she might want to tell Santa that she also wants an Elmo she agreed.  We will see how it actually goes when someone else is asking the questions.

Sunday Snapshot


Jimh. said…
We have the absolutely cutest daughter in the whole world...but I may be slightly biased! Lovely post!
Gwen said…
Hopping over from Sunday Snapshot. Chloe is a cutie pie! We have the very same hat at our house-- pandas are great! :)
mylovesmylife said…
Coming from Sunday Snapshot.

Chloe is adorable!!

I cannot wait to make a Ginger bread house next year with my little girl. I wanted to do one this year, but figured we'll just wait until she can get more into it next year (at almost 3 years old then).
Beautiful... Love seeing all the smiles :) Miss you.
Martha said…
love it...the gingerbread house looks awesome!
Lorrene said…
Perfect Ginger bread house and I can see how much fun she is having and you too.
Catherine said…
So fun!!! Sweet little sticky fingers. A new tradition has been born.

Isn't it fun to finally do all these wonderful things with our daughters?!!!

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